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MAPPing Australia: Evaluating and Expanding the MAPP

In 2019 Flinders University secured funds from the DVA SYV grant to establish a Military

Academic Pathway Program (MAPP). The MAPP has run three times over 2019/20. The MAPP

was nominated as a Defence Industry finalist in 2020. The MAPP has been run F2F and online.

The aim of this project is to establish the MAPP (or version of) nationally. We intend to

develop and run MAPPs in each of the collaborating university states (WA, QLD, SA, NSW).

The MAPP has two distinct features – lectures on military civil transition and expose to

particular disciplines. The aim is to record this material digitally and store centrally for the

participating universities to use. Flinders will undertake a comprehensive evaluation of the

Flinders MAPP; the participating universities will undertake initial simple evaluations of their

offerings. The grant will ask for funds to interview veterans on what makes a veteran friendly

university and on their transition journeys through higher education.

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